What is HL Central?


What is HL Central?


What is HL Central?

HL Central is an organization run by HLS students that plans many social, cultural and philanthropic events throughout the school year. Additionally, HL Central is responsible for planning and hosting many of the law firm receptions that take place on campus each year.

Among the events HL Central produced last year were: the 1L Cup, a trip to see American Idiot the musical, Fall Fest and Spring Fest charity events, Harvard-Yale trip to New Haven, trips to Foxwoods Casino, and the Tacky Prom. We additionally provided T.J. Duane Community Development Grants to multiple students to fund philanthropic and community building projects. And of course, don’t forget about our weekly Bar Reviews all around Cambridge and Boston!

How did HL Central get started?

HL Central was founded by T.J. Duane ‘02 in 1999 to help foster a community spirit at the law school by hosting and funding social and service activities. Over the years, we have developed relationships with dozens of law firm sponsors allowing us to host bigger and better events to help bring our campus together.

Is HL Central a student organization?

HL Central is run by students but is not technically a student organization within Harvard Law School. HL Central receives no funding from the school, but does work closely with the Career Services, Dean of Students and Admissions offices.

Is HL Central a non-profit?

HL Central operates on a not-for-profit basis, however, it is not a federally recognized non-profit organization. Although all of HL Central’s profits go towards funding student activities, the IRS rejected HL Central’s previous non-profit applications, as the organization did not meet the eligibility requirements for charitable organizations.

Who funds HL Central?

HL Central is funded entirely by law firm sponsors. A list of our sponsors is available at www.hlcentral.com.

Can I get involved in HL Central?

Definitely! HL Central is currently looking for 1Ls interested in becoming Section Reps and helping plan special events for each section. If you’re interested, email Francesca Cohen or Kristen Spitaletta. Also, look for applications for next year’s board in the spring. Otherwise, just come out to the events and have a good time!