T.J. Duane Community Development Grants

For the last 14 years HL Central has awarded the T.J. Duane Community Development Grants annually to students who have demonstrated a commitment to improving student life at Harvard Law School.  We award up to five $1,000 grants throughout the school year to individual students or student organizations who propose community-enhancing projects or events.  The grant will go towards the costs of carrying out the initiative.

In order to be considered, proposed events should be open to the HLS community generally and can include everything from charitable events to social activities.  Things like 1L Cup and the WLA Fashion Swapaganza for charity are good examples of events that would qualify.

Charity Beer Pong Tournament Feat. Dynamic Duos with ACS and FedSoc

Dynamic Duos Beer Pong Tournament with ACS and FedSoc: From Adam and Eve, to Jefferson and Adams, to Barack and Michelle Obama, our society has long been defined by dynamic duos. Every year, HL Central, ACS, and FedSoc join forces to throw an epic beer pong tournament. Teams dress up as Dynamic Duos, everyone comes to drink and cheer them on, and the money goes to charity! This year the money will go to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.