Meet the Board


Meet the Board

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Daniela lorenzo

Arts, Sports, and Culture Chair

Daniela Lorenzo is a 2L from Miami, Florida who is very excited to be experiencing seasons. When not helping HLS students "raise the roof" at bar review, Daniela can be found excessively talking about Parody or fighting the system with PLAP and Defenders. She also has an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, Hamilton, and all things potato. 

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sam garcia

Internal Community Chair

Sam Garcia is a 2L. There isn’t much that is interesting to know about Sam, except for the fact that he can name every breed of goat recognized by the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association), but who can’t? He would say his colleagues are actually a lot more interesting than he is. For instance, Gabe Levin, self-proclaimed Nickelback enthusiast, was actually a local talk show host on a program called “Gabbin with Gabe”, and Daniela Lorenzo’s favorite TV channel is that one channel at every hotel that’s like about the hotel. How could he ever compete! 

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libby pica

Philanthropy Chair

Libby is from Philadelphia and graduated from Villanova University (Go Cats). At HLS, she’s involved in RAP, JSEL, and WLA. Outside of law, her passions include Berry Line, karaoke, and the Real Housewives. 






Meet the Board

Meet the Board

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april hua

Director of Events

April is a 3L from California! Her favorite color is purple and her favorite number is four. She spends all her free time cooking or obsessing over her cat Chester, which seems about right since her camera roll is 50% food and 50% Chester. (not pictured: Chester)

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gabe levin

1L Outreach Chair

Gabe is a 2L from Los Angeles. He loves playing hockey, watching (and re watching) Game of Thrones, and participating in as many HLS intramural sports as possible. Outside of HL Central, he is also a member of the BSA, and his favorite HL Central event is the 1L Cup.  


Meet the Board

Meet the Board

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Arts, Sports, and Culture Chair

Asseret’s name is her moms name backwards, minus the extra "-S" (She had a GREAT time in elementary school, as you can imagine). Her awards include: Pizza Princess and 3rd place at a pumpkin pie eating contest. At HLS, when she is not planning a booze cruise, you can find her either planning a latinx focused event with La Alianza or advocating for a disenfranchised client with PLAP.  In Cambridge, you can find her stuffing her face with Cambridge Commons Nachos, or with a burrito from Felipe's after a night out in the Kong. 

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Liz fillman

Director of Outreach

Liz is a 2L from Nebraska (go Cornhuskers)! Her favorite HLC event is the 1L Cup, and when she’s not at bar review or another HL Central event, you can find her in Parody, planning events for the Harvard Women’s Law Association, or binge-watching Scandal. Also, she once hosted a party for Aaron Carter at her apartment. He didn’t want any candy. 

Emily prof pic.jpg

Emily mannheimer

Director of Finance

Emily has never successfully planned an event, but working in sales beat the shame out of her, so she’s one of the people who handles the firm sponsorships for HL Central. At HLS, you can find her in PLAP, the Journal of Law and Gender, and Parody. Someone recently told Emily that an Alanis Morissette musical is coming to Cambridge. Come with her?